Step by Step Registration Guide

Posted by Kelowna Minor Football Association on Jun 13 2017 at 11:01PM PDT

Tackle Registration is open! There may be some questions regarding registration since there is an external link required (for Football Canada membership). Here’s a step by step guide. It is STRONGLY recommended to use a desktop/laptop to complete this process.

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1. Obtain your Football Canada membership. Go to:

Follow all of the steps outlined. Under Step 2 (Program Details) choose Fall, then Tackle . The other blank fields (Team/Coach Name) are not necessary.

Once these step are completed, you will be asked to pay an $11.00 fee (this is part of the total fee, it’s not extra). A confirmation email will be sent to you that includes your Football Canada Access Code. You will need this number to complete the KMFA registration process.

NOTE: If you played Flag (winter or spring) you already have a Football Canada membership number. Retrieve the Access Code number from your confirmation email. The confirmation email was sent by BC Provincial Football Association.

2. Sign into eSportsDesk (sign up as a new member, or use sign-in credentials from prior seasons)

3a. For new players, click on ‘Add/Edit Family Member’ icon along the top banner

3b. For returning players, click on ‘Register Now’ icon along the top banner (the Pencil and + button)

4. Locate the correct age group and click ‘Register Now’ at the far right of the screen. The system will automatically validate the player based on the birthdate of the registrant.

U10 age group is 2008, 2009, and 2010
U12 age group is 2007 and 2006
U14 age group is 2005 and 2004

5. After selecting the correct family member, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’

6. Choose your volunteer option, video/photograph consent and code of conduct waivers. Click on ‘Continue’

7. Complete the payment process. The total fee is automatically calculated. Click ‘Check Out’

8. You will receive a confirmation email from

9. Pat yourself on the back. You’re done!

The document Registration_Instructions.pdf was attached to this post.